TekRing pricing:


TekRing Pricing is:

1 - 2 $25 each.

3 - 4 $22 each

5 + $ 18 each

Shipping included


Send an email/order to: bparker@pwg.net .....with TekRing in the subject line.


A reply will be send with PayPal instructions. Items should be shipped within 24-48 hrs via USPS. (lower 48 please), all others send me an email please.


In the order, I need: 1)number of rings, 2)values(color) and 3)shipping address.

1) Number of Rings:

2) Color/Value of rings: 10x or 100x

3) Shipping address (USPS )



TekRing in the subject helps forward the email to me. This account, being published, gets a nice volume of Spam. That word in the subject line penetrates my various email filters, otherwise your email may bet bounced or not noticed. If you haven't gotten a reply from me it may have bounced (but you haven't sent any money yet either). There is always a possibility I'm out traveling for a few days.


I typically reply within 12-24 hrs. My reply will come from my "real" email, with the PayPal instructions.