"Necessity is the mother of invention", is quite true.


I have a Tek 2465B with a few probes without the readout pin. There are several solutions posted on the Internet. However, I was looking for something clean and simple. Hence the development of the TekRing. It's a very simple concept. In practice it's very detailed to get just right.


I'd love to have a switch on the ring, to flip the multiplier, instead taking it off and on. But, I haven't found a switch small enough. Something to consider?? In this mean time, this version works.


Background - I've been making 3D printed cases for the ham radio community for 5 years. I make a case for a communication device called a pigate. My basic web site pigatecase.com shows the cases that hold the circuitry.


My friend Mark developed the PiGate and asked me to start making cases for them. I've made literally hundreds of these cases for our community.


I'm a ham (day job I'm an Architect). I've went from Ohm's law straight to digital and S100 computer building in the 70's. More recently I've circled back to analog. I own a modern inexpensive digital scope, but got fascinated with the great older analog Tek scopes from the and 80's.


I've got a Tek 2465b and developed the TekRing to resolve this described issue. I've got a mix of readout-pin probes and non-readout probes and decided to see if this issue could be simplified.


Thanks for looking. Happy Scoping. 73 Brent W8XG


Photo is a earlier "bare" and slightly larger version of the ring.